Got stuff for all bikers. Check them out

Otis L

I am a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, currently deployed to the Middle East. Well, I came in to work today and was told I had a care package sent to me. I wasn't waiting on one from friends or family, so I read the label; it said "Thomas Custom Biker Wear." The box was full of all sorts of snacks and much needed toiletries; not to mention the cool biker apparel!! So, I'd just like to say thank you to the folks at Custom Biker Wear!! You made my day and more!

K Sco

Thank You Bill and Carleen for all you do to get Sturgis Kentucky and Custom Bike Wear prepared for the masses!!

Teressa S

I've purchased many items from them. You will not go wrong shopping here. Heading there this weekend for another purchase.



Donnie H